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Welcome to the FedEx Retirement Hub

Welcome to the FedEx Retirement Hub

The FedEx Retirement Hub is your gateway for retirement education and resources. Answer a few simple questions to get started and see your retirement benefits.

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This information is intended only for FedEx Corporation, FedEx Custom Critical, Inc., FedEx Express (Federal Express Corporation, including team members residing in Puerto Rico), FedEx Dataworks, Inc., FedEx Forward Depots, Inc., and FedEx Logistics, Inc., employees.

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Open enrollment for FedEx Retiree Health benefits is November 1 to November 15 for eligible pre-65 retirees. Log on securely to enroll today!

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The FedEx benefits described on this website are based on a formal plan document or contract. While this information is intended to be accurate, retirement benefits are subject to the detailed provisions of the applicable plan documents. If there is a conflict between this website and the official plan documents, the plan documents always govern. You are not entitled to retirement plan benefits due to a misstatement on or an omission from this website. FedEx reserves the right to amend or terminate any benefit plan at any time and for any reason.